Our E’s method

We supply a gift that interacts with your consumers in two ways.


Add QR Code to gift and Entice the customers to scan and win


Mail vouchers to customers and Engage with the redeeming call to action (i.e. instore or online)


What can this do for you?

scan a campaign

clicks to website

Launch your new eCommerce website or direct more traffic to your current one with discount coupons and online vouchers.

event promotion

Offer your patrons the chance to win tickets or prizes collectable at events and shows. Discounts and memorabilia.

increase sales

Increase sales with discount vouchers and promotional items in-store or online, bundle deals or clearance sales.

increase databasese

Build a quality database of potential clients. Data is key when creating a good marketing foundation.

product promotion

Launch new products and services by creating awareness and measuring the outcome. 

feet to store

Drive potential clients right to your door with in-store coupons and prices to be collected. Even give discount in store with products purchased. 

Try it for yourself

Linked to promo product

Add A Campaign Costing

Add A Campaign

Additional cost per unit...
R 6000 Excluding Vat
  • Hosting
  • Reporting
  • Online application
  • Design of page and form
Extend Pack


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