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 Entry Date Slip Invoice Number Name & Surname Phone Number 
September 12, 202377777Maree+27828012070
September 5, 2023123456Maree+27828012070
September 5, 202312345Maree+27828012070
September 5, 20231234Maree+27828012070
September 5, 2023423423342342Stefan Loots+27741047874
September 5, 202342234234234234Martin Ferreira+27741047874
September 5, 20232342342342344Peter Pan+27741047874
September 5, 2023534534534534Martin Ferreira+27741047874
September 4, 2023253452345234stefan Loots+27741047874
 Entry Date Slip Invoice Number Name & Surname Phone Number 


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